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An AFFORDABLE Upholstery Cleaning Service in Ferriby, East Riding and Hull

Professional upholstery cleaners will remove all soiling and treat any spots and stains.
upholstery cleaning service in Ferriby, East Riding and HullFor most people their furnishings especially their suites are a large investment, so why neglect having them professionally cleaned.

Just like carpets, the fibres will hold dirt that vacuuming alone will not remove. Over a period of time this will cause premature wear resulting in a suite looking grubby.

Regular cleaning by a trained cleaning technician and regular consumer maintenance will extend the life of delicate upholstery fabrics significantly, while keeping them looking good.
These more delicate fabric constructions require a gentle approach. Using appropriate cleaning solutions for upholstery fabrics, a trained technician will be able to select the correct method to clean your upholstery fabrics safely and efficiently.

Tel: 01482 566121

Mobile: 07788865139

Plantation Drive
North Ferriby
East Yorkshire

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