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Here I will explain the more common methods used when cleaning carpets, each method having its own place depending on numerous factors and situations.
The most widely used commonly known as Steam cleaning, the correct term is

Hot Water Extraction or H/W/E
as high temp steam can in fact damage certain fibres and materials, so a good knowledge and training is of vital importance.

Bonnet cleaning
is a method often used ,this involves a pad or towel type fabric attached to a spinning disc on a floor buffer, how ever this method is limited to the amount of soiling removed , usually just cleaning the surface, especially when used by an inexperienced operator.

Dry compound cleaning
is only really used when a fibre is likely to suffer from problems when wet, it involves a powder being agitated into the carpet and vacuumed up with results not normally acceptable to a professional standard.

Low moisture cleaning.
Various machines have the ability to clean using low moisture techniques, usually a foam been applied allowed to dry and again vacuumed up.

Encapsulation cleaning. The latest in low moisture cleaning ,using solutions that trap the soiling and coat in a polymer coating, enabling simple removal when dry, this method also ensures the carpet is protected for a number of weeks afterwards, mainly used on low profile and commercial carpets, giving instant amazing results.
Like any other industry, there are things to avoid and things to be aware of, here are a number of things to do and not what to do.
Most spills and dirt can be removed if immediate action is taken, simply by blotting with a white towel and water, do not rub and avoid at all costs off the shelf stain removers and the first thing you can get to under the kitchen sink, these can often just bleach your carpet and set the stain, if in doubt give me a call i will try to help over the phone and if all else fails ,i can arrange to take a look.
Do not fall for the cheap advertised prices, often you will end up having an inferior clean, a wet carpet for hours on end and a higher price than advertised . Most trained and capable operators will give you a free survey and a firm quote, a must really how else can we tell what we are dealing with.
Are those DIY machines really any good ? Well they would have you believe they are!! Does the machine know what type of carpet you have ? Does it know the correct solution to use ? Of course not, like any other trade a correct procedure and method needs to ded. 
My Methods
I have most systems available to me, I will choose the correct method ,the correct solutions and the correct procedures to carry out the task of cleaning your carpets , H/W/E been the most likely using the latest truck-mounted machine, a self contained unit built into the van were the water is brought with me, and heated to the temperature I require all within the van, powerful vacuums and pumps giving the power to enable rapid drying times compared to light weight portable machines most operators use, with the power of around 20 times more than the average machine, nothing else compares.
For low profile and commercial carpets of vast areas I normally use the Encapsulation method, combined with the latest revolutionary 3 brush CIMEX machine, giving amazing results every time. Many happy commercial customers have welcomed this method, not only because of the results but because of the speed the carpets are back in service, having no down time for areas being cleaned, the unobtrusive cleaning method allows work to continue with no noise or hazardous pipes trailing about . A real winner every time . A free demo is always available to any commercial client of this method.