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A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service to Suit any Business

Just like your homes, Offices, restaurants, pubs, and any other public buildings have to keep their carpets and furnishings in tip top condition, a regular clean been even more important because of the increased amount of people using these premises.

For a business not only will you be protecting your investment, but a clean environment is pleasing for you, your customers and workers alike, a clean healthy work place will increase productivity, a fact, a clean premises will give your clients and customers confidence in your abilities to provide the service you are giving . Who wants to walk into a building and see dirty carpets and furnishings? An impact is made as soon as they walk through the door. Now what would you rather see?

I can offer a 24 hour commercial carpet cleaning service to your business, ensuring that you experience minimal disruption and staff down-time (if any).

As most carpeting in the commercial world is usually low profile/carpet tile type of carpet the ideal method is the now brand leading CIMEX encapsulation method, not only are the results amazing but the disruption is kept to a minimum, no trailing pipes a quiet operation and with no disruption to people nearby, this method has proved a winner with many large commercial clients, including Hull city and the KC Stadium, Nuffield health clubs, and many local showrooms, hotels, bars and offices.

Cimex Encapsulation Cleaning
Encapsulation has another significant advantage in all cleaning methods. Leaving crystallising polymer residue in the carpet prevents spots from wicking back. The polymer encapsulates the wicking spot, creating a crystalline residue as it dries. This is just as effective in hot water extraction cleaning as it is with brush and bonnet.

Dirt does not stick to crystalline residue left behind on carpet cleaned with encapsulating cleaning chemicals.

Encapsulating products are formulated with the proper balance of carpet cleaning detergents that get carpets clean in the first place, and crystalline polymers that effectively encapsulate and crystallise embedded spots, greasy soils and detergent residues.
Imagine the benefits for huge facilities or airports - areas where normal cleaning methods  just don't work. and an added benefit Each time the carpet is vacuumed, it gets cleaner because more soil inside the crystal polymers are vacuumed away.

To see the amazing results that can be achieved just get in touch and I will arrange at your convenience.

Tel: 01482 566121

Mobile: 07788865139

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